Clean Eating vs Flexible Dieting

Today we will discuss a heavily debated topic which is "clean eating vs flexible dieting". First off, lets identify what defines these two options of dieting. The "clean eating" side believes you have to limit sugar intake and avoid any processed foods and must follow a structured meal plan typically. The "flexible dieting" or IIFYM crowd state you can consume whatever you want as long as it fits into your daily requirements (Calories, carbs, fats and protein). So now that we have highlighted the different sides, lets dissect. Unfortunately there is no clear definition on what foods are "clean" or not clean so its hard to take this side seriously. Furthermore, anyone that wants to eat the same thing or close to the same thing multiple times a day has a much higher risk of failure long term. For the flexible dieting team, they tend to be more successful long tern due to the fact of the many more options they can consume on a daily basis. The one key component that some flexible dieters neglect is how much fiber they need to intake on a daily basis to make this diet work optimally. My final thought on the subject is either CAN work but for long term success flexible dieting wins everytime!