Fat Loss Explained

Today lets discuss what is the best type of exercise for weight/fat loss. In an earlier blog we discussed the way to generate the weight/fat loss is through calorie burn versus calorie consumed. So for this blog we will compare cardiovascular training versus weight training. There is one major difference between the two types training that makes one more superior to the other, and that is what some like to call the "after burn" effect! For this debate, lets say both cardio training and weight training generate the same amount of calorie during the actual exercise session, but here comes the after burn effect. After a good weight training session your body will need to repair the muscles you worked out, this could last up to 72hrs(studies have shown) and your body will naturally burn calories since its at work repairing muscle tissue. So extra calorie burn means extra weight/fat loss and will show weight training is far superior than cardio training for weight/fat loss.