Good vs Bad Carbs

Today we will be discussing the differences between "good carbs and bad carbs". Lets first identify what might define a carbohydrate source to be named bad. The grading tool used for carbs is called the GI (glycemic index) where they receive a number or rating. These rating will determine how much a persons blood sugar levels will rise after consumption. For example, black beans would have a much lower GI rating compared to a white potato. The most important thing to remember is, these rating were determined when the food source was eaten strictly by itself. I don't know of too many people that eat potato completely by it self. Studies have shown that when a carbohydrate is consumed with a protein(or fat) this will automatically slow down the digestion process that would effect the glucose rise in blood sugar, crazy right? So the moral of this blog is when you consume your carbohydrates with protein(or fat) all carbs are created equal, more or less. My suggestion is, if you prefer white potato or white rice over sweet potato or brown rice eat them. Just to remember to always through in a good protein source.