How to Warm Up

What should your warm up consist of? 

All too often I see people go into the gym, walk straight to the weights and begin lifting. It makes me cringe knowing how dangerous that can be. With that said, what is ideal? An ideal warm up would be five minutes and NO LONGER on a bike or treadmill just to warm up your core temperature. Then you would want to do an ACTIVE or DYNAMIC stretch and not a STATIC stretch. A lot of people do static stretching for their warm up because that is what they're used to but that can actually be detrimental to you because it can overextend your muscles robbing them of their power and endurance needed for your work out. That's why you would want to do a DYNAMIC stretch like a jump rope. By jumping around and getting loose you prepare your body in getting them active, loose, warm, and ready to go! Don't underestimate the importance of your warm up!