Types of Cardio

Today we will discuss the different types of cardiovascular training and their benefits. The two types we will be comparing are LISS(low intensity slow state) cardio and HIIT(high intensity interval training) cardio. Let lay out the parameters of what types of exercises would fall in each category. The LISS cardio exercises can be any type of movement that is considered aerobic(oxygen through breath for exercise) exercise. HIIT cardio would be any type of movement that forces an extreme fluctuation in heart rate. Now lets go over a couple of examples of these movements: LISS cardio usually consists of walking on a treadmill, riding a bike, using ellipticals all at a constant steady state. HIIT cardio usually consists of using sleds(push or pull), sprinting, spin bike intervals while resting in between sets. They both are beneficial and depending on YOUR goals, one might be better for you. The LISS cardio is good for increasing endurance as well as properly tracking your calorie burn. HIIT cardio has been shown to generate more fat loss as well as sparing muscle loss during exercise. You pick the winner!