Weight Loss Explained

Today we will be discussing what is the best route to take for weight/fat loss. First off, lets determine what dictates weight/fat loss. Its actually pretty simple simple, calories in versus calories out. Without going too much into dieting, lets breakdown how we accomplish this goal. Every human being and actually most animals have a BMR (basil metabolic rate). This is the amount of calories your body burns without any type of exercise. Side note, the only way to increase your BMR is to add more lean tissue to the body(muscle). So we need to increase activity to generate extra calorie burn to help increase our chances of burning more calories than we are consuming. We obviously have the option to eat less calories too but I prefer a good balance of both. If we consume too few calories, you will be guaranteed to lose some lean tissue(muscle) which will negatively effect your BMR which we do not want. Eat a little less, exercise a lot more and weight/fat loss is around the corner!