Pre Workout Nutrition

When to eat before working out?

Ideally, the simple answer would be to consume a simple carb (approx. 30g) 30 mins before you work out. Carbs are most important before your work out because they can give you that extra kick and stimulate insulin to counteract cortisol (the hormone that can break down muscle).

If you were to eat a full meal that consisted of protein and carbs, you would want to eat that 1-2 hours before your work out. It's important to know that it takes your body the longest to digest fats, then protein, then carbs. So that's why eating a carb before your work out is so important (so please don't ever be in the line of thinking that carbs are bad for you).

So my recommendation would be to have a meal that is relatively low in fats, moderate in protein, and high in low fiber carbs 1-2 hours before your work out. Then, to have a small carb source 30 mins before your work out to really give you that extra boost to have a great work out where you're able to really push yourself!

**important note that this is just a general recommendation and can be subject to change based off your individual goals and fitness level.