The 3 Best Ab Exercises

Best Ab exercises

So we did my top three worst ab exercises and now I'm going to list my top three favorites.

1. Plank - Planks stimulate more ab activity than normal crunch and they also work your lumbar as well without putting you in a vulnerable position. I also love all the variations you can add to a plank, some examples being: Plank on a stability ball and side planks (for your obliques).
2. Bicycle Kicks- According to many studies, this is one of the best ab exercises for overall ab activation and that includes your lower abs and obliques. Make sure to be slow and controlled to really maximize the exercise.
3. Vertical leg crunch - This ab exercise was proven to stimulate 116 perfect more ab activity than your normal crunch (see why I said not to crunch any more?) it's a very easy exercise to do and yields great results!