High Reps for Fat Loss?

Today we will be discussing the old saying of "if you want to get ripped, do high reps". I am sure everyone has heard this term and studies have proven this is actually the opposite. First, lets identify what has to happen to get "ripped"... Well the most obvious correlation with being "ripped" is having low body fat so that would be our primary goal when attempting this goal. As we have discussed in the past, to lower body fat % we have to place our body in a caloric deficit through eating and or exercising. So for this discussions sake lets say that eating is dialed in and the rest of the route to take is exercising. So now we need to identify what type of metabolic response we get out of different rep ranges. For example, would your body have to work harder using 90% of your 1RM (one rep max) for 5 reps or using 50% of your 1RM for 15 reps? Probably the 5 reps, so that would force more calorie that would illicit more fat loss. So if you want to get "ripped", eat in a calorie deficit and lift heavy weight!