What about Fiber?

In this post we will be discussing Fiber and how important it is with overall health and dieting. First, lets identify what fiber is; its a carbohydrate that is typically found in fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Fiber is easily digested by the body so it tends to have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

When dieting comes into play, fiber needs to be factored in. My typical suggestion is about 10-15g per 1k calories when you are looking for weight/fat loss. Fiber is one of the most important factors of successfully logging your food with IIFYM(flexible dieting). Studies show that when fiber is digested with other carbohydrate sources, it will actually blunt glucose conversion causing less glycogen storage when not utilize shortly after eating. Essentially, if you are consuming enough fiber, you can become much more flexible on your carb sources while dieting.

Just like all things(or most things) too much fiber will have a negative effect as well. Studies have shown constipation, cramping, and dehydration to be associated with too much fiber. Also, with too much fiber you the run the risk of less absorption of vitamins that you can not afford to lose especially while dieting in a calorie deficit.