Fasted Cardio for fat loss?

In today's discussion we will go over the effects of fasted cardio vs fed cardio(or regular cardio). First, let us identify what we are comparing here; we are referring to pre breakfast cardiovascular training in a fasted state. The basic premise for this practice is that low levels of glycogen and insulin, shift energy utilization away from carbohydrate for fuel, thereby allowing greater mobilization of stored fat that can be used for fuel (fat oxidation),but what does the data say? Results showed no evidence of impaired fat oxidation associated with consumption of carbohydrate either before or during exercise, in the fed conditions.


In summary, despite a logical rationale for superior effects of fasted cardio for fat loss when compared to that performed in a fed state, acute oxidation data as well as longer-term trials have failed to support it. Sorry old school bodybuilders...


Instead it would appear that there is little to no difference between fasted vs. fed exercise for the goal of fat loss. As such, if fat loss were the aim, my recommendations would simply be to perform the type of cardio that you prefer and can consistently do on a regular basis for optimal results.