You need BCAAs?

In this blog post today we will be discussing BCAAs or Branched chained amino acids and their effect on building muscle and working out. First lets identify what they are: essentially amino acids are the building blocks found in protein. Their greatest benefit is their ability to help tissue growth and repair(muscle). 

Now lets go over some of the individual amino acids and their highlights. Lets start with L- Arginine, this amino acid is widely know for increasing your "pump" during your workout and is often found in pre workout supplements. Next, lets take a look at L- Carnitine, this is know to help stimulate fat loss as well as muscle repair. Lastly, we will look at arguably the most beneficial  amino acid of them all which is L- Leucine. Studies have confirmed this is the most valuable BCAA when it comes to building new muscle. This is highly sought after when selecting a supplement purchase. 

Lastly, lets determine when a good time to take these supplements are. The obviously most important time to take them would be after your workout to help aid in the muscle recovery process. Another answer is, take them whenever you see fit. Some people like to start the morning off with them, some people like to drink them during their workout etc.. There isn't a bad time to ingest them, so enjoy!